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The Oval pictroral arithmatic tests set 2

Beacon reading cards part set

Story cards for the five year old sets 3,5,6
Diamond, Lucy

Objects, No. 1. Breakfast and teatables. .
Littlejohns, J.

Illustration. No. 1. Cinderella. .
Littlejohns, J.

Art of figure drawing. 26th ed.
Weigall, Charles H.

Clay modelling for schools; a suggestive course for teachers of modelling etc
.Taylor, Stewart.

Colour practice in schools. Part 1. Infants and juniors.
Tonks, O.J.

Cusack's model drawing
Armstrong, Charles

Scale drawing made easy. .
Polack, S.

Handwork and its place in early education.
Plaisted, Laura L.

Prospectus. Session 1925-26.

Prospectus. Session 1927-28.

Terracottta modelling for schools.
Hall, Margaret P.

Petrie, Maria.

Art of lettering and layout; including illuminating and book decoration.
Doust, L. A.

Marine painting in water-colours. 7th ed.
Green, David.

Art of transparent painting on glass. 2nd ed.
Groom, Edward.

Hints on sketching from nature. Part 1. 31st ed.
Green, N.E.

Handbook of light and shade, with especial reference to model drawing. 18th ed
Merrifield, Mrs.

A.L. recreative cutting, mounting and colouring.
Dean, Hannah.

Art and craft of lino cutting and printing.
Flight, Claude.

Art and practice of linocutting.
Green, frank N.

Listening eye. Teaching in a art museum.
Marcouse, Renee.

Elements of handicraft and design.
Benson, W. A. S.

Art education. .
Education, Department of.

Martini, Herbert E.

Child art to man art.
Johnstone, William.

Children as artists. New. ed.
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Simple handicrafts for boys and girls.
Cone, J. G.

Experiments in education at Sevenoaks.
White, Bob

Lino-cutting for schools.
Stewart, F. Craik.

Book craft for junior pupils. 2nd rev. ed.
Collins, A. E.

Maker's eye.

Handicraft in the school. Vol 1. 1.

Pottery without a wheel. 2nd ed.
Tyler, Keith.

Growth of child art.
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Further adventures of cardboard carpentry.
Cope, George

Creative crafts in education.
Robertson, Seonaid M.

Art in schools.
Littlejohns, J.

Child art.
Viola, Wilhelm.

Book of school handwork. 5 vols.
Holman, H.

Drawing design and craft-work for teachers, students, etc.
Glass, Frederick J.

Toy-Making for infants. .
Eden, Bertha.

Needlework in education.
Graham, Theodora.

New complete drawing course; vol 3, water-colours and pencil
Furniss, Dorothy

Figure drawing and composition
Hatton, Richard G

Suggestions for the study of colour.
Carpenter, H. Barrett.

Art and the child.
Richardson, Marion.

Raffia work .
Bowers, Alfred H.

Embroidery and pattern design handbook for teachers and art students.
Fowler, Hannah

Perspective for art students.
Hatton, Richard G.

Weaving for beginners.
Hooper, Luther.

Complete course of blackboard drawing. Book 1.
Branch, E. A.

Teaching art to children. New ed.
McLeish, Minnie

Handicraft in the school. Vo. 4.

Paper Sculpture; geometry.
Chabbert, Andre.

Artist at Work.
Ruhemann, H.

Industrial Design in the Community.
Baynes, Ken.

Visual Education in the Primary School.
Pickering, John M.

Weaving and other pleasant Occupations.
Polkinghorne, R. K. & M. I. R.

Drawing and design; a school course in composition
Clegg, Samuel

Teaching Fabric Printing in Schools.
Wooller., h

Concrete Modelling.
Milner, E. V.

Everyday Art at School & Home.
Sawer, D.D.

Flannel-Board Cut-outs Bk III Christmas.
Wood, Elsie Anna.

Design Matters.
Klein, Bernat.

Basic Course in Art.
Lawley, Leslie.

Anatomical Diagrams for the use of Art Students.
Dunlop, James.

Pedagogical Sketchbook.
Klee, Paul.

Making a poster. .
Cooper, Austin, 1890-1964

Education with the arts in mind.

Handicraft in the senior school; a three years' course for boys.
White, W. Bretman

Practical drawing; a book for the student and the general reader.
Lutz, E G

Teaching of drawing
Morris, I H

Lessons on decorative design.
Jackson, Frank G.

Second grade perspective, . 13th ed.
Dennis, Henry J.

Manipulation of the brush as applied to desgin. 2nd ed.
Thorogood, Stanley.

Teaching creative art in schools
Eccott, Rosalind

Manual of design.
Redgrave, Richard.

Art school self-taught.
Price, Matlack

Perspective. 2nd ed. rev. and enl.
Petty, J.

Designing for art and craft in secondary schools.
Hayward, T. R. (comp).

Design and equipment of art craft rooms in secondary schools.
Dodman, Frank E.

Adventure of looking.
Adams, Hervey.

Course of water colour painting, 4th ed.
Leitch, R. P.

Architecture and how to sketch it. Illustrated by sketches of typical examples
Roberts, H. W.

Houses. .
Brett, Lionel.

Artists in the witness box.

Drawing lessons for children. .
Doust, L.A.

Allied arts and crafts. .
Littlejohns, J

Children's garments; their planning, cutting and making.
Wallbank, Emily and Marion.

Young artists of promise.
Beddington, Jack.

Treatise on painting, in four parts.
Burnet, John.

Elementary art. 6th ed.
Harding, J.D.

Principles and practice of art
Harding, J D

Art and understanding.
Bulley, Margaret H.

How to appreciate art.;
Janson, H.W.

Lethaby; a continuing presence.
Lethaby, William Richard.

School management; including organisation, discipline and moral training.7th
edlandon, Joseph.

Directory of artists.

Directory of artists.

Book of the Bayeux tapestry.
Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953

Handbook of suggestions.
Education, Board of.

Contrary imaginations; a psychological study of the English schoolboy.
Hudson, Liam.

Englishman builds.
Tubbs, Ralph.

Child's guide to knowledge. 56th ed.
a Lady .

100 Things a boy can make; a handy guide for handy boys of all ages.

Meilach, Dona Z.

New needlecraft lesson.
Foster, Elizabeth Glasier.

Textbook of needlework.
Nance, Ida M.

Young Ladies' Journal complete guide to the work-table. 9th ed.

Houses. .
Brett, Lionel.

Pencil sketching.
Geen, Evelyne.

Field's chromatography. 4th ed. Modernized by J. Scott Taylor.
Field, George.

Art teaching in secondary schools.
Walton, Edith C.

Theory of pictorial art;
Harrison, H.W.

Drawing, design and craft-work; for teachers, students, etc. 3rd rev ed.
Glass, Frederick J.

Art and regeneration.
Petrie, Maria.

Art of portrait painting in oil colours.
Murray, Henry.

Raffia and bast weaving, with suggested correlations.
Ife, Mrs.

Embroidery and design in the new stitchery.
Foster, Elizibeth Glasier.

Simple lessons in landscape painting. Part 1.
Foster, Vere

Simple lessons in landscape painting. Part 2.
Foster, Vere

Simple lessons in landscape painting. Part 3. .
Foster, Vere

Wood carving. 3rd ed. Revised by John J. Holtzapffel.
Leland, Charles G.

Introduction to practical embroidery; an approach to embroidery design.

Sketching from nature in water-colours
Penley, Aaron

House; a machine for living in.
Bertram, Anthony.

Modelling for amateurs. .
Ellis, Clifford and Rosemary.

Practical essays on art.
Burnet, John.

Art appreciation.
Dobson, Margaret.

Practical teacher. Vol. 2, No 7. September 1882.

Teaching of art.
Bucher, L. de C-.

My rainy-day book; a handbook for children.
Beskow, Elsa

Lectuures delivered to the students of the Royal Arcademy of Arts of London.
Prinsep, Val C.

Art; an introduction to appreciation.
Coxon, Raymond.

Planning and design. .
Cabr'e, J. Watson.

Art and industry; the principles of industrial design. 4th ed. .
Read, Herbert.

Let's look at art.
Tomrley, C.G.

Beginnings; teaching art to children.
McLeish, Minnie.

Motif 8; winter 1961

How to teach drawing without copies. 2nd ed.
Carter, R. Radcliffe.

Linear perspective.
Hodge, Henry.

Nature and ornament. Nature the raw material of design. 2nd ed.rev.
Day, Lewis F

Inddutrial arts; Historcal sketches with numerous illustations.

Colour paper decoration. .
Day, Frederick T.

Sketching as a hobby.
Guptill, Arthur L.

China painting. 2nd ed.
Lewis, Florence.

Brush-work and design. Part 1. 4th rev. ed.
Steeley, Frank.

General catalogue.

Cut paper work.
Cox, Christabel Russell.

Ornamental homecrafts.
Littlejohns, Idalia B.

Toy-making in school and home.
Polkinghorne, R.K.

Teaching of industrial arts in the elementary schools.
McMurray, Oscar L.

Colours and what they can do.
Cheskin, Louis.

Figure drawing
Medworth, Frank

Textile educator. Vol. 1. No.1 - Vol. 2. No.40. 2 vols.

Art and everyman; a basis for appreciation. 2 vols.
Bulley, Margaret H.

Brush-work and design. .
Steeley, Frank.

Observation lessons on plant life. A guide to the teacher.
Ussher, Beverley

Woodwork design.
Arnold, E.H.

Chalk drawing; a manual for teachers. 2nd ed. rev.
Dean, Hannah.

Teaching of art to infants and junior children.
Allen, Arthur B.

Suggestive handwork for lower classes. .
Neal, Arthur B.

Science of drawing. Part 1 - Trees.
Howard, Frank.

Second book of pattern design.
Higgins, Walter.

First book of pattern designs.
Hargreaves, B.

Book of designs for craftwork.
Aspray, Muriel.

Simple art applied to handwork. Vols.1.& 2.
Rankin, H.A.

Practical senior teacher. Vol. 2.
Potter, F.F.

Handbook of foliage and foreground drawing.
Barnard, George.

Rug making and designing in cross-stitch.
Hodkin, Mabel.

Brush drawing; a teacher's book of instruction.
Ayrton, C.

Busy work for nimble fingers; a course of handwork for infants and juniors.
Gawthorpe, Annie.

Colour science. Authorised translation by J.Scott Taylor.
Ostwald, Wilhelm.

Worsley's little drawing book. First series - for young beginners.
Worsley, ?

First lessons in drawing and design. No. 6. Introduction to perspective.
Carpenter, George.

First lessons in drawing and design. No.6. Introduction to perspec tive.
Carpenter, George

Woodwork manual instruction. First year's course. 7th ed.
Graham, David.

Woodwork manual instruction. Second year's course. 5th ed.
Graham, David.

Woodwork manual instruction. Third year's course. 2nd ed.
Graham, David.

Teaching of drawing; its aims and methods
Polak, S

Decorative brushwork and elementary design. 3rd ed rev. and enl.
Cadness, Henry.

Art of making and using sketches.
Fraipont, G.

Design and handicraft.
Horth, A.C.

Architectural perspective. 2nd ed. rev. with additional illustrations.
Ferguson, F.O.

History and handwork for young children aged 7-9.
Parker, F.E.

Landscape painting for beginners. First stage- one colour. Part 2.
Foster, Vere

Landscape painting for beginners. Second stage - seven colours. Part 1.
Foster, Vere

Landscape painting for beginners. Second stage - seven colours. Part 2.
Foster, Vere

Everyday art at school and home; a book for children, parents, tea chers and students.
Sawer, D.D.

Pastel for the standards. Vol.1. Junior book. .
Tompkins., a. George

How to use water-colours.
Cartlidge, S.J.

Coat of many colours; occasional essays.
Read., herbert

Manual on fruit and still-life painting in oil and water colours f rom nature.
Muckley., w.J.

Simple lessons in colour.
Rankin., herbert A.

First book of embroidery design.
Melwon., eva R.

Drawing for art students and illustrators
Seaby, Allen W

Drawing from nature
Barnard, George, 1807-1890

Handicraft in the school. Vol.5. Principles of educational woodwor k.
Milton., w.A.

Practice and science of drawing
Speed, Harold

Elements of perspective; it's theory and practice.
Ruskin., john

Colour; specially prepared for tutorial purposes by commercial art ists.

Commercial art; specially prepared for tutorial purposes by commer cial artists.

Mounting and framing pictures; with numerous engravings and diagra ms.
Hasluck, Paul N.

Dr. Montessori's own handbook.
Montessori, Maria

Play way; an essay in educational methods.
Cook, H. Caldwell

Colour in woven design; being a treatise on the science and techno logy of textile colouring. 2nd ed. rewritten and enlarged.
Beaumont, Robert

Enjoying writing.
Clegg, A.B.

Advanced textile design
Watson, William

Design in textile fabrics.
Ashenhurst, Thomas R.

Imagination in landscape painting. 2nd ed.
Hamerton, Philip Gilbert

Teacher's handbook of object lessons; adapted for class instructi on, for candidates for certificate of merit, pupil-teachers and st udents in training colleges. 3rd ed. rev.
Park, A.

Teaching of colour.
Rankin, H.A.

Elementary design; a systematic course of lressons for students. 2 nd ed.
Dawson, C.F.

Story lessons in geography. 4th ed.
Hardy., margaret

Common-sense needlework. 3rd ed. rev. and enl.
Fleming, Jane A.

Needlework for student teachers; intended for the use of teachers and students of all grades. 11th ed.
Smith, Amy K.

Object drawing for schools.
Symons, David

Training of taste in the arts and crafts.
Littlejohns, John

Home arts self-teacher or Cyclopaedia of home arts.
Marks, Montague

Principles of educational woodwork; a handbook for teachers and ot hers interested in education.
Binns, Chas. L.

Activity methods for children under eight
Anderson, Marion R., 1892-1978

Lettering, plain and ornamental; Vere Foster original series No.10 .
Foster, Vere

Visual aids for domestic subjects and craft teachers.
Brien, Nancy

Simple object lessons from nature; for the upper classes in infant schools and for standards 1,2 and 3. Fourth ed.
Dickens, Jane B.

Theory and practice of perspective drawing; a complete course of i nstruction to meet the requirements of the syllabus of the Board o f Education and other similar examinations.

Lessons in the art of illuminating; a series of examples selected from works in the British Museum, Lambeth Palace library and South Kensington Museum.
Loftie, W.J.

Lessons in the art of illuminating; A series of examples selected from works in the British Museum, Lambeth Palace library and South Kensington Museum.
Loftie, W.J.

Second book of school colour work. 2nd. ed.
Branch, A.E.

History time-charts; how to make and use them with some examples. 3rd. ed.
Wood, H.G.

Harbutt's modelling monthly. Vol.2 No.1. Devoted to plastic method s.

Modelling monthly. Vol.3 No.1. Mainly devoted to plastic methods i n education.

Modelling monthly. Vol.4 No.1. Mainly devoted to plastic methods i n education.

Technical drawing for secondary schools. . Rev.ed.
Evans, W.T.

Lino printing in colour as a classroom craft.
Spencer, J.R.

Simple fabric printing as a classroom craft.
Spencer, J.R.

Figure drawing and fashion designing for the press. No.3. Waine's arts and crafts series.
Doust, Len A.

Flower painting in oil and watercolours.
Richter, H.Davis

Simple pictorial illustration.
Brown, F.H.

Guide to flower painting in watercolours. 24th. ed.
Rosenberg, George F.

Some terms commonly used in ornamental design.
Harrison, T. Erat

Colorist; designed to correct the commonly held theory that red, yellow and blue are the primary colours
Hatt, J.Arthur H.

Imaginative drawing in pastel and watercolours. 5th. ed. Vols. 1 a nd 2.
Branch, E.A.

Needlework for student teachers. 3rd. ed. Amy K. Smith

Progressive design for students.
Ward, James

Education of the adult. .

Projects for the junior school; teachers' book.
Clements, Beatrice

Teaching creative art in schools.
Eccott, Rosalind

Pattern and design.
Cannon, N.I.

Anatomy of the village.
Sharp, Thomas

Living in cities.
Tubbs, Ralph

Education through design and craft.

Design for today.

Artful scribbles; the significance of children's drawings.
Gardner, Howard

Illustrated London drawing book.
Burn, Robert Scott

Book of studies in plant form; with some suggestions for their app lication to design.
Lilley, A.E.V.

Art student's encyclopedia.
Zaidenberg, Arthur

Beginning; Arts and crafts for children under eight.
Saville, Renee

Art and craft in the primary school.
Dean, Joan

Notes on education; with a preface on the art of teaching.
Campagnac, E.T.

Manual of music. 10th ed. Rev. and enl.
Dunstan, Ralph

Needlework without specimens ; the modern book of needlework.
Claydon, Ellen P.

Millinery; theoretical and practical.
Hill, C.

Musical drill; part 2. 2nd ed.
Alexander, A.

Practical drawing for schools; part 4. Prepared for higher standa rds in elementary schools, evening and junior technical schools.
Lees, James

Progressive needlecraft and simple pattern making.
Coton, Gertrude

Manual of plain needlework and cutting out. 5th ed.
Jones, Emily G.

Needlework practically explained; a manual in four graduated cour ses for the use of student teachers.
Hartley, Harriet A.

Garment construction in schools.
Hicks, Ada

Unfolding of artistic activity, its basis, processes and implicato ns.
Schaefer-Simmern, Henry

Some uses for coloured felt; Dryad Leaflet no 72

Lino craft in school
Allen, Arthur B

Legends and traditions of Huddersfield and its districts. Part II
Ahier, Philip

Hints to students and amateurs. 2nd edition
Jopling, Louise

Constructive and decorative stitchery
Foster, L. Glasier

Paper model making; for day and Sunday schools
Shaw, Annie

Kindergarten at home; a practical hand-book for mothers and teachers. 4th edition
Shirreff, Emily A E

Practical instruction handbooks. Vol 2
Horth, A C

How to teach woodwork in elementary schools; being full instructions for arranging and fitting up a workshop
Hampson, Thomas

Handcraft pottery; for workshop and school
Wren, Henry

Design and composition in line, form and mass.
Glass, Frederick J.

The changing primary school; its problems and priorities. A statement by teachers.
Clegg, A.B.

Art and the child.
Richardson, Marion

The excitement of writing.
Clegg, A.B.

A course of hand and eye training.
Stanley, F.C.

The art of teaching.
Bucher, L. de C-

Illustrative model-making.
Evans, L.

The changing primary schools, its problems and priorties; a statement by teachers.
Clegg, A.B.

The book of school handwork. Vols 1 - 6
Holman, H

Introducing fabric collage
Connor, Margaret

The children we teach. 7-11
Isaacs, Susan

Designing with dye resists, batik and tie-and-dye
Bowen, Marjorie

Modern educational dance
Laban, Rudolf von, 1879-1958

The teaching of art in schools
Gibbs, Evelyn

Creative crafts for today
Portchmouth, John

Principle of collage
French, Brian

Since Cezanne
Bell, Clive

Colour practice in schools. Part one; infants and juniors
Tonks, O J

The class teacher's guide to the code drawing. Part I
Gardiner, Alfonzo

Adventure in creative education
Marshall, Sybil

Modelling in cardboard
Hills, William J

Handicraft in the school. Vol 1
Gott, P

Ideas for needlecraft
John, Edith

A practical course in bookcrafts and bookbinding
Mason, John

Roseaman, I P

Crampton, Charles

Matchbox town
McKay, Herbert

Cane and rush weaving on Sloyd principles
Littlewood, Walter

Book crafts for seniors; a handbook for teachers, students and craftworkers
Collins, A F

Leathers, skins and tools for artistic leather work

The children's art book

Art and craft education in the West Riding, 1945-74; during the period of Sir Alec Clegg's service as Chief Education Officer, with particular reference to art in the National Curriculum
Mace, David

Art in daily life for young and old
Sawer, D D

Simple pictorial illustration
Brown, F H

Flower drawing; with the children
Nutt, Elizabeth Styring

A guide to figure drawing
Hicks, G E

Landscape painting for beginners; second stage, teaching the use of seven colours
Foster, Vere

Crafts for children
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Art and craft education in the West Riding, 1945-74; during the period of Sir Alec Clegg's service as Chief Education Officer, with particular reference to art in the National Curriculum
Mace, David

Sir Alec Clegg and the arts in schools 1945 - 74; the exhibition at the National Arts Education Archive
Mace, David

Sir Alec Clegg and the arts in schools 1945 - 74: schools, art projects, NAEA / Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Mace, David

Sir Alec Clegg and the arts in schools 1945 - 74; flower paintings from South Kirkby primary school
Mace, David

Sir Alec Clegg and the arts in schools 1945 - 74; art education in the West Riding
Mace, David

Artists in Wigan Schools; a right for all children
Taylor, Rod

Art 4-11; art in the early years of schooling
Morgan, Margaret

The arts 5-16; practice and innovation

Themes and projects in art and design
Palmer, Frederick

Young art; nature and seeing. A fundamental programme for teachers
Lacey, Jeannette F.

An introduction to computer graphics in art and design education
Chambers, Mike

Design and communication; G.C.S.E.and standard grade
Tufnell, Richard

G.C.S.E. art and design; Longman revised guides
Read, Bill

The art teacher's handbook
Clement, Robert

Art in Secondary Education 11-16

Art and Design Education series; Issues in Design Education
Thistlewood, David

Approaching Art and Design; a guide for students
Taylor, Rod

Drawing and design; a school course in composition
Clegg, Samuel

The hidden order of art; a study in the psychology of artistic imagination
Ehrenzweig, Anton

Educating for Art; critical response and development
Taylor, Rod

Art and the adolescent
Ross, Malcolm

Development through drama
Way, Brian

Teaching art
Roberts, Doreen

Music in the Secondary School Curriculum
Paynter, John

The meaning of art
Read, Herbert

Looking, making and learning; art and design in the Primary School
Dyson, Anthony

Graphics handbook
Garland, Ken

Art and design; questions and convictions. Work in Warwickshire Primary Schools

A basis for music education
Swanwick, Keith

The function and assessment of art in education; two papers
Smith, Professor Ralph

The arts in education; an annotated booklist

Change in art education
Field, Dick

Education; threatened standards
Boyson, Dr.Rhodes

Looking at the curriculum in schools

Principles of visual perception
Bloomer, Carolyn M.

Trends in education

Design in general education
Harahan, John

The creative arts
Ross, Malcolm

Draw they must; a history of the teaching and examining of art
Carline, Richard

Looking at things

Risinghill; death of a comprehensive school
Berg, Leila

The Grammar School
Davis, Robin

Neill, A.S.

Teaching in comprehensive schools; a second report

The principles of art
Collingwood, R.G.

Visual arts in education
Taylor, Rod

The curriculum from 5-16; curriculum matters 2

Higher education; the next twenty five years
Baker M.P., kenneth

The nature of creative activity
Lowenfeld, Viktor

Ways of seeing
Berger, John

The dynamics of creation
Storr, Anthony

Drama as education; an argument for placing drama at the centre of the curriculum
Bolton, Gavin

Principles of art teaching
Mock, Ruth

How we understand art; a cognitive development account of aesthetic experience
Parsons, Michael J.

The study of education and art
Field, Dick

Art and education
Steveni, Michael

Education through art
Read, Herbert

Creative and mental growth. 5th ed.
Lowenfeld, Viktor

The intelligence of feeling
Witkin, Robert W.

The arts and education; papers from the National Association for Education in the Arts 1983-1990
Swanwick, Keith

The arts in school; principles, practice and provision

Children and art teaching
Gentle, Keith

Basic design; the dynamics of visual form
de Sausmarez, Maurice

The appreciation of the arts 4; the art of appreciation
Osbourne, Harold

Critical studies in art and design education
Thistlewood, David

Educating artistic vision
Eisner, Elliot

Frames of mind; the theory of multiple intelligences
Gardner, Howard

Inside a curriculum project; a case study in the process of curriculum change
Shipman, M.D.

Aa is for Aesthetic; essays on creative and aesthetic education
Abbs, Peter

The symbolic order; a contemporary reader on the arts debate
Abbs, Peter

Feeling and reason in the arts
Best, David

Children and the arts
Hargreaves, David J

The creative arts
Ross, Malcolm

Looking and seeing 3; the shapes we need
Rowland, Kurt

Interpersonal relations and education; student edition
Hargreaves, David J

Look, look and look again; units 1 and 2

Looking and seeing 2; the development of shape
Rowland, Kurt

Looking and seeing 1; pattern and shape
Rowland, Kurt

Cut and design education in Leeds

Art book
Wachmeister, Rosina

Basil Rocke; artist and teacher
Devonald, Rosemary

Education observed 5; good behaviour and discipline in schools a report by HMI

Extending the opportunities; GCSE art and design

The study of primary education; a source book volume 1; perspectives
Conner, Colin

Art and child personality
Dunnett, Ruth

The sociology of the school
Slipman, M D

Impact two; themes and topics
Poole, r H

Gifted children in middle and comprehensive secondary schools

Gombrich, E H

Children's minds
Donaldson, Margaret

Touchstones 3; a teaching anthology of poetry
Benton, M G

Art in schools

Studies in design education and craft
Egglestone, S John

History of the Leeds City Art Gallery

Learning to see
Rowland, Kurt

Learning to see
Rowland, Kurt

Mini - Drumcoons; Wigan school based galleries

Booklet in Japanese text on handicraft design and manufacture

Design and primary education

Better schools; a summary

Connections; violence - its nature, causes and remedies
Ward, Colin

Imaging and visual thinking
Cooper, Kristina

Using pictures with children
Bowden, John

Art 8-14; art in the middle years of schooling

Connexions; standards of living
Barr, John

Connexions; disaster
Tidmarsh, Sheila

Connexions; the lawbreakers
Jenkins, Ray

Connexions; a teacher's guide
Mabey, Richard

Projects and prospects; art in multicultural society

Art education; pamphlet No.6

English as an arts discipline; a response to the D.E.S. paper - English from 5-16'
Abbs, Peter

A course of studies in design

Survey 9; design and craft education

Design and Craft; a new examination. Single system of examining at 16

Living with Technology; standing conference on Schools' Science and Technology

Art-based games
Pavey, Don

Children's drawing
Goodnow, Jacqueline

Art and Craft Education 8-13 project; using constructional materials
Laxton, Michael

Education; its data and first principals
Nunn, Sir Percy

The comprehensive school
Pedley, Robin

A basic course in art
Lawley, Leslie W.

School/College Arts Curriculum Development Group. Documents, records of projects, conferences etc.
Mace, David

Curriculum Bulletin No.2; a school approach to technology

Visual and performing arts framework for California Public Schools; Kindergarten through Grade 12

Art education and environmental education; a view from INSEA
Adams, Eileen

Education with the arts in mind. An edited version of a conference held at Bretton Hall
Bromley, David

B.E.E. Bulletin of environmental education. Nos.94 and 102

Art design and environmental education; study methods and ideas for projects
Adams, Eileen

Art and the built environment
Adams, Eileen

Design and technology; strategies and guidelines

Collection of Athene publications

National Foundation for Arts Education; reports and issues


The development of the National Curriculum for Art; Parts 1 and 2

Three files containing documentary material relating to the development and structure of an expressive arts curriculum in general education
Mace, David

Outreach Partnership 1992-94; workshops and exhibitions programme

The romance of Craft; Books 1 to 4
Poole, N.A

Herbert Read; Formlessness and form. An introduction to his aesthetics
Thistlewood, David

Education 1954-64; The middle years. A report on the development of the Education Service in the West Riding
West Riding Education Committee

About our schools
Clegg, Sir Alec

Story of a school; A headmaster's experiences with children aged seven to eleven
Stone. A L

Basil Rocke; Artist and teacher
Devonald, Rosemary

Two exercise books which illustrate handwriting.
Helsby, Jack.

Victorian scrapbook with hand-lettered inscriptions.
Goodwin, John H.

Exercise book; calculation for cloth costing etc.
Hudson, A.

Manuscript book; weaving.
Hudson, A.

Booklet illustrating writing and writing patterns done by unknown student.

Student's notebook illustrating handwriting.
Gollop, Pauline

Student's notebook illustrating handwriting.
Pain, Jean

Five school exercise books relating to history, writing, composition etc. Schoolboy - Percy Race.

Three drawing books belonging to a 12 year old pupil at Knighton Elementary School
Jones, James

Interview with Ben Blakemore
Mace, David
Film or video

Further along the lines 16mm film
Film or video

Art in the National curriculum conference videos
Film or video

Three videos relating to School/College Arts Curriculum Development Group
Mace, David
Film or video

Royal Academy-Outreach. A series of teacher/student classes together with exhibition of work done
Film or video

Option course 2; Ben Blakemore workshops Y.S.P
Blakemore, Ben
Film or video

Two school drawing books.
Race, Percy.
Painting or drawing

Drawing book.
Helsby, William.
Painting or drawing

Two freehand drawing books.
Helsby, Jack.
Painting or drawing

Freehand drawing book.
Helsby, Fred.
Painting or drawing

Pastel drawing book.
Helsby, Fred.
Painting or drawing

Pastel drawing book.
Helsby, Jack.
Painting or drawing

Three pupil's drawing books.
Race, Percy.
Painting or drawing

Two pupil's drawing books.
Swann, Kate.
Painting or drawing

Two pupil's drawing books.
Helsby, Jack.
Painting or drawing

Drawing book
Akeroyd, E
Painting or drawing

List of members attending Education with the Arts in mind conference.

Aims and objectives and the assessments of art courses in secondary schools.

Space for art.

What about the dirty work? Newspaper cutting of article raising points that will need to be answered in the light of the proposed raising of the school leaving age from 15 to 16. .
Clegg, Sir Alec

Teacher's notebook. Contains notes on arts and crafts, bookcrafts etc. relating to the Oxford Course.

Set of slides to accompany collection prints; Allerton Grange School - Teresita and the Lagaroux
Forbes, Pat
Photograph or slide

Photographs (43) taken during exhibition of children's work in West Riding Schools
Mace, David
Photograph or slide

Slides (43) of a historical nature eg. Islamic Education, plant life, art forms etc.
Photograph or slide

Photographs from the West Riding Collection; included in the exhibition 'Sir Alec Clegg and the Arts in schools'
Mace, David
Photograph or slide

drawing in Education; 117 slides used in the exhibition at Bretton Hall College
Photograph or slide

Sir Alec Clegg and the arts in schools . Slide record of exhibition held in Lawrence Batley Centre, Bretton Hall College
Mace, David
Photograph or slide

25 slides of paintings/drawings made by children from Shepley Primary School, Huddersfield
Bassano, Pat
Photograph or slide

Slides (17) made of material from the collections of Franz Cizek, I.L.E.A. and W.R. Schools
Mace, David
Photograph or slide

Slide record of exhibition of children's work held in the Alexander Barclay-Russell collection
Barclay-Russell, A
Photograph or slide

Magical painting book..

Walker's big cut-out books. Nos 1-3. .

Future of the arts in schools . National Conference held at Unive rsity of Warwick. Also includes programme of events. .
Sound recording

Interview with Ben Blakemore
Mace, David
Sound recording

Interview with Ian Paterson and Don Marriott
Mace, David
Sound recording

Five tapes relating to School/College Arts Curriculum Development Group'
Mace, David
Sound recording

Dressmaking and millinery work book.
Shooter, Edith.