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Jane Rhoades-Hudak

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Education through art the Journal of the International Society for Education through Art

Education through art, a revolutionary policy; a lecture given by Sir Herbert Read at an open meeting at University college, London 3rd January 1965
Read, Herbert

SEA bulletin

INSEA World Congress official programme

The future of industrial design booklet No 1
Read, Herbert

INSEA XV11 International conference on art education Tokyo report

INSEA XV11 world congress; Brazil programme

INSEA constitution rules and procedures

Insea XV11 International conference on art education Tokyo programme

School Arts; Child art and international understanding featuring Manila assembly

Art education in the Netherlands; Insea world congress, 1981

Two books written in Egyptian

Education through art; humanism in a technological age

Art and Education; report from the XV111 world congress of INSEA Prague 1966

Art education and adolescence; record of the lectures of the Insea second general assembly, the Hague,Netherlands 19th to 23rd August 1957

SEA bulletin 1967

INSEA pre-conference on research into idealogy,learning,evaluation and arts education congress book Rotterdam 7th and 8th August 1981
Godefrooij, Peter

History of art education conference abstracts 3-5th November 1985

An image of the world in a world of images; INSEA XXV1 world congress Hamburg 24-28 August 1987 book of abstracts

Athene; the journal of the SEA volume 5 no 3 and No 63

International federation for education through art F.E.A.congress report Basle 1958

Understanding Art; teacher's manual
Ragans, Rosalind

Exploring Art; teacher's manual
Ragans, Rosalind