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David Mace

TitleThree videos relating to School/College Arts Curriculum Development Group
AuthorMace, David
InstitutionBretton College of H.S.
Date Created1989/90
NotesDetails: Video No.1 - conference : Expressive Arts Project,march 1989 Opening Address - ron George Key presentation - ted Kennedy, Peter Stevenson, Chris Taylor. Teacher presentation - john Haggett, Mike Jolley, Mike Agar. Video 2(continued) Liz Haywood,Brian Hinchliffe, Derrick Preston Plenary session - bill Sugree(chair), Ted Kennedy, Peter Stevenson, Chris Taylor. Video 3 - conference : Arts in the National Curriculum April 1990 Speakers - david Marjoram, Giles Elliott, Michael Ford. All these videosrelate to Bh/dm/bk/00454
Record TypeFilm or video
Archive NumberBHDMFV00004