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National Arts Education Archive (NAEA), Yorkshire Sculpture Park, is a repository of collections relating to the development of arts education in the UK from 1870 to the present day. The archive represents a distinctive and a unique collection of visual and documentary materials that trace the development of arts education over that period. It provides an historic time-line of arts education nationally and internationally.


NAEA is a major source of academic research for students, teachers, academics, trainees and the general public with an interest in the evolution of arts education. It has facilities for study and research, good exhibition and seminar space as well as staff and volunteers with an in-depth knowledge and expertise in arts education. Purpose built in 1989 to archival standards, NAEA includes a temperature controlled vault, spacious reading room and gallery. It has access lift and toilet facilities.


The archive holds over 200 collections of children's, students' and professional development work supported by writings and evidence of policies that inform a broader understanding of teaching, learning, research and curriculum development. It also contains papers, libraries and other materials of key educators.

The core and related collections have discrete identities as well as reflecting essential philosophical relationship and influences. The Child Art and Basic Design collections reflect fundamentally opposing viewpoints of art education in the UK, revealing the fierce debate which was a feature of art education in the 1950-60s.

Other collections relating to the evolution of art education pedagogy include those of Franz Cizek, Sir Alec Clegg and the West Riding including the Muriel Pyrah Collection, Learning Through Drawing (NorthEast Art Advisory Association), Alexander Barclay-Russell and Child Art. The Basic Design Collection includes material by Harry Thubron, Tom Hudson, Richard Hamilton, Victor Pasmore and Maurice de Sausmarez. The graphic design works of AE Halliwell and the art based games of Don Pavey are also in the archive.


NAEA is located close to the M1 motorway (Junction 38) and the M62, midway between the regional centres of Leeds and Sheffield and the local towns of Wakefield, Barnsley and Huddersfield. There is a regular train service to Wakefield, a short taxi ride from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It is located at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP), Wakefield, a spectacular open air park in woodland, lakes, formal gardens and six distinctive indoor galleries and featured in Historic England's Irreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places.

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